How to Find the Perfect Water Purifier for Your Home

Because of the increased water pollution globally, it is unsafe to drink water directly from any source. Water purifiers have become a necessity today because you can not get clean drinkable water no matter if you are using ground water or municipal water. No water is directly drinkable these days.

So, you definitely need a water purifier and we have few tips which you can look at before buying a water purifier and you make a perfect choice when you have to choose among which is the best water purifier for you. Before purchase, you should look at these things once.

1. Examine the current water

This is the first step you need to do after purchasing a water purifier comes into your mind. You have to look if you are using municipal water or ground (borewell) water. After knowing that from where you are getting water. Now you have to test the water by measuring the TDS level in your drinking water. How would you do that? Do not worry we will tell you how you can measure the TDS level by yourself.

You have to buy a TDS meter which will not cost you more than 200 rupees online or offline stores. Then take a glass of water in a transparent glass. Dip the tds meter into the water and the meter will display the accurate tds level and check if the levels ranging from 100-500 TDS. This is the range which does not harm human health and it is the optimum level to drink the water.

2. Technology (RO or UV )

People usually get very confused between the RO and UV. Once you check the TDS level of the current drinking water in your home then you know about the TDS level and if the TDS is more than 500 then you should choose the reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier and it will eliminate the extra TDS levels from your water. But if the TDS level is lower than 200 then you can buy the UV water purifier because it will eliminate all the impurities and retain the TDS level at the same time.

3. Storage Capacity

This factor particularly depends on the size of your family or the number of users who will use the purifier. You have to choose the capacity according to your family size as it can be the most important factor in the long term. If the storage capacity is less and you have more family members then in this case you have to wait long between every cycle and if you buy a water purifier with larger tank capacity you do not need then you will end up wasting your resources.

  • For 2-4 members – 5-8 L
  • For 4-6 members – 8-10L
  • More than 6 Members- 10 or More Litres

4. After Sales & Installation

There are many brands out there that do not have good after-sales support but the water purifier’s quality is good. In this case, there is no point to buy that purifier which does not have good after-sales support because you need to install the water purifier as well and for installation, we recommend calling the company person and do not go for the plumbers and another person in the market.

So, you should always go for the big brands who have excellent after sales support as it matters a lot and it should be your top priority when buying the water purifier.

5. Service & Maintenace

You have to do the maintenance or service of the water purifier once in a while. Make sure that the cost of the service is not very high. After some time if you think that your water is smelling bad or tastes different you need to replace the filters as soon as possible. You have to make sure that you are not buying a water purifier which has very high service costs. Mostly water purifier has annual maintenance cost which the companies charges annually besides the usage.

6. Ratings & Warranty

You should check the online ratings of the water purifier you think suits you. Do not consider rating less than 4 stars as it is the recommended rating we suggest for a good water purifier. Make sure you do check out the warranty of the water purifier as well while purchasing one. If you feel confident and think that it will definitely suit you go ahead as all products have their own pros and cons and no product is perfect in this world.

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