Water Purifier Maintenance -Annual Maintenance Cost(AMU)

All the popular water purifier brands come with 1 Year company’s warranty at least. So, if you have bought the water purifier in a year and looking for after-market maintenance. Then, we advise you to reach out to the company’s service center contact number and call a technician from there.

Why do Water purifiers need maintenance?

You must have a question about the water purifier maintenance and why is this necessary. So let me clear one thing, like other machinery or electronics. They require maintenance because they get depreciated over time. Because of the depreciation on parts of the electronic appliances you need to maintain or service them on a regular basis.

If you have a question about why specifically water purifier needs maintenance then let me tell you that water purifiers have different filters like RO, UV, sediment filter, UF, mineralizer, etc.

In some months these filters stuck the dirt inside them and when there is excessive dirt inside the filters. It needs to be cleaned or replaced by the new one. There are other things in the water purifier that also needs to be serviced.

Filters needs to be replaced in a year if your TDS level is under 500. But if your more than 500 TDS then we recommend you to clean the filters every month to get clean and fresh drinking water regularly.

Annual Maintenance Cost can be somewhere between Rs.2500-5000/– depending upon the company and cost of the spare parts.

Below we are providing you the customer care numbers of the top water heaters brands for the reference.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard



Hindustan Uniliver Pureit

Blue Star

AO Smith

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