What Size of A Water Heater/Geyser Do I Need?

We hope that you have visited our blog about the best water heaters in India. Size of the water heater matters as you there are different tank capacity and they met different individuals. You can not buy any size of the water heater as they also serve a different purpose and may not be fit for your usage.

” Size or capacity particularly depends on your usage and the number of users of a water heater. But if you want to use the water heater for the bathroom. Then, we recommend you to go for 15 litres of capacity at least whether you are living in the north or south part of India. But if there are more than two users of geysers at the same time. Then, you may need 25 litres water heater and it will work well.”

Water Heater Size

If you have more than one bathrooms and the number of users is less on each bathroom then also you have to buy a water heater with 15 Litres capacity at least. But we still recommend you to buy a 25L water heater for the bathroom because you may need 2-3 buckets of hot water in every bath and this capacity will allow you to take a shower as well.

You must be thinking, what is the ideal side of the water heater? The perfect size in cases of the water heater depends only on you because you know how much your family consumes hot water and how often they need it. Calculate your requirement, you will surely about which one you should buy.

Below are the points which should be kept in mind whenever you confuse about the size of the water heater.

1. Smaller tank have smaller water storage. Thus, it will not allow you to have a lot of water on the go.

2. If you buy a bigger size water heater capacity that you might do not need. In this case, it will consume more electricity and cost you more in the long run.

3. We only recommend you to use a storage water heater for bathing but if there is not much room available that you can store a bigger size geyser then you can definitely go for the instant geyser in that situation.

For the ideal size below is the recommendation chart which will ease the choice of the water heater size.

Family SizePurposeInstant StorageCapacity
2-3 members BathingNoYes10-15L
2-3 membersWashing UtensilsYesNo1-3L
4-8 Members BathingNo Yes25L
4-8 MembersWashing UtensilsYesNo2-6L

Why look for water heater capacity?

You may be thinking that this blog is not worth your time and you can choose whatever capacity is feasible for your pocket and if you can save money then why not go for that right?

In all these cases you might end up spending more in the long term if you try to save while purchasing any appliance. Do enough research about the model of the water heater and if the capacity will going to be enough for you or not. As it will save your time, electricity, water and the geyser itself. Yes, you heard it right an ideal capacity of water heater means you can use all the resources efficiently.

How Long can your water heater last?

Water heaters are a one-time investment as you do not have to make a purchase in 2-3 years again. So, if you have to use it for a long time then you must have to go for a good brand and a good water heater as well. Which we mentioned in our list. Generally, water heaters usually last 10 years at least and it can be even 20-25 years depending on your usage.

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