7 Reasons Why Your RO Water Purifier Stopped Working

RO water purifier can be stopped working as this is machinery and there can be one or multiple reasons why your RO water purifier stopped working.

You do not need to worry as it can be easily fixed and first of all you need to know the reason behind this problem. In some cases, you may require the technician for assistance but if the problem is minor then you can also do it yourself as well.

Why My RO Water Purifier Stopped Working Very Frequently?

We have mentioned the reasons of why your water purifier stopped working and if you do not think that these reasons are valid in your situations then you can call a water purifier technician urgently.

1. Problem in Power Supply

You have to check the plug and the switch board of the water purifier. You can just check if the switchboard is working or not by replacing it with a external switch board. But if the problem still continues check the plug is inserted tightly or not. Once you have checked this issue you have completed the first stage.

2. Bad Water Taste or Smell

Fill a glass of water from the purifier and taste the water if this is making any smell or taste bad. If this is the case then you have to change the water purifier’s filter and it needs to be serviced as soon as possible. So, make sure that there is no problem in the water quality.

3. Water Leaking

While demonstrating the water heater make sure that it is not leaking water and filters are tightly closed. Tightening all the pipes of the purifier will not let water to get a leak from the purifier and save the water from any malfuntioning.

4. Water Flow Issue

If the water flow from the tap is slow. You can manually increase the speed of the tap if possible. There can be an issue in water flow from the purifier to the tank. If the water flow inside the water purifier is not adequate. Then in this case there are only two reasons for that.

One is any of your filters is choked and it needs to be replaced soon. The second reason is due to high TDS levels in the water in rainy seasons and when the TDS goes normal it will enable your purifier to work again effectively.

5. SMPS Adapter Not Working

You do not have to worry in any of these conditions as these are repairable by the technician. You have to check if the SMPS adapter is fine or not . Make sure that the adapter is not burnt by the higher voltage. If this is the case then you have to call the technician to replace the SMPS adapter of your water purifier.

6. Pressure Pump Malfunction

Pressure pump allows the water purifier to pump the water inside the purifier. This transfers the water from one membrane to another. If this is the problem with your water purifier then your technician might ask to change the pump and these pump are also expensive as well. You can contact your technician for that and he will guide you in this case.

7. Float Valve Problem

Float Valve is responsible to shut off the water purifier once the water tank inside the purifier gets fulled. If there is a problem in the float valve then it automatically shut down the water purifier till it get repaired or replaced with the new one.


There might be many other problems with your purifiers as well. To avoid any risk or without any delay, you can either contact the support team of the water purifier brand and they will send the technician to your home. Or you can call the technician by yourself and he will know what could be done in other cases. We always recommend you to solve only a problem which you can fix with the water purifier and hardly recommend you to do anything on your own except 1-4 reasons in our list above.

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