9 Refrigerator Energy Saving Tips

Refrigerator is an appliance that needs to be switched on 24×7. You need it daily to store food items for a longer period of time so that you can use them whenever you need it. This means that it will have direct impact on your electricity bill too.

Many people say that old refrigerators are good and do not needs to be replaced until they do not work. You know what, they all are wrong. If you have to take benefit of energy-saving then you need to replace your 15-20 years old refrigerator with a new one.

In refrigerators, it will surely save you a couple of bucks in energy savings if you are looking to replace your old one. Technology is getting better and better these days so if you are using an obsolete model you should replace it with the best single door refrigerator in India.

1. Check the Rubber Seal on the Door

You have to check the rubber seal which is present on the outline of the door. This rubber seal ensures that no outside heat will enter the refrigerator from the sides and it will not interrupt the cooling process anyhow.

Because if your rubber seal is loosen from the sides then it will allow the outside heat to enter the refrigerator and thus a refrigerator requires more power for refrigeration.

This will increase the effort of the refrigerator and it starts consuming more electricity. To prevent that you need to replace the seal on the door as soon as possible for the proper functioning of the refrigerator.

2. Set the Appropriate Temperature

You have to set the temperature according to your weather conditions. In summers you need a colder refrigerator and a freezer than in winters.

You can set the temperature according to a current weather. If you have a smart refrigerator then it will auto adjust the temperature and it also displays the current refrigerator temperature as well.

If do not have the refrigerator with digital display then there might be a temperature control knob and you can set the temperature control knob to the medium settings .

Changing the refrigerator temperature will take 24 hours to give the desired effect.

3. Do Not Keep Refrigerator Next to the High heating Sources

High heating sources means that you should not keep the refrigerator next to the microwave, gas stove or an induction stove.

Because if the refrigerator gets more heat from the outer environment then it has to work harder to keep thing cooled or refrigerated.

You should avoid placing the refrigerator on these areas of your kitchen as the refrigerator requires less power and storing the high heat sources next to the refrigerator can damage it as well.

So, for the maximum life of the refrigerator and saving electricity. You should not store the refrigerator in these areas.

4. Look for Frost Build Up

You have to keep an eye on the frost build up in the freezer. Because this means that the refrigerator is wasting the electricity and you need to defrost the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Check if there is any frost build up inside the refrigerator or not. If you have a very old refrigerator then there are high chances that they require manual defrosting. But, if you have new refrigerators then they all usually have the automatic defrosting.

So, defrosting can be the essential element if you want to save electricity on a refrigerator.

5. Use the Power Saver Mode

Many refrigerators come with this feature as it is specially designed to save electricity cost. As many appliances have external heater which helps to control the humidity level outside.

Power saving mode will disable this feature and therefore it will consumer less electricity when compared to the normal mode.

6. Remove Unwanted Leftovers

“You should not keep things if you do not need it”. This means that avoid storing everything in fridge which you can store outside.

We all have a habit to store everything in the fridge. Because of this habit, we end up having unnecessary leftovers inside our refrigerators.

This will help the refrigerator to perform its task fast and require less electricity while operating. Thus, you can make a schedule like once in a week or twice a week you should check what is inside in the fridge and remove any unwanted things from it.

7. Avoid Opening Refrigerator’s Door Frequently

People usually open the door, take out what is necessary and they do not close the refrigerator’s door. This is also a very bad habit of some users as they usually forgot about closing the door.

Some people open the refrigerator’s door again and again to take out the necessary ingredients. You just have to open the refrigerator once in a while. Because refrigerator pauses the operation when you open the door.

As you frequently open the door then refrigerator will not perform as it should and this will increase the time span for refrigeration and it will end up consuming more electricity as well.

8. Ensure Good Ventilation Inside the Refrigerator

Do not fill the refrigerator entirely. You should store the items in all the rows and keep little distance between two things. This will make good ventilation inside.

It means that it will cool faster and refrigerator needs no time in the process as there are no hurdles in the ventilation of the appliance.

9. Clean Your Refrigerator

You should clean the refrigerator once in a month at least. We recommend you to clean the refrigerator like you should clean other appliances as well. Because if you maintain any appliance it will work properly and last long too.

We have mentioned all the energy saving tips for a refrigerator you can consider.

Here is what we recommend to save electricity consumption of your refrigerator no matter if you have high or low BEE Rating refrigerator.

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