Refrigerator Electricity Consumption – BEE Energy Saving Ratings

A refrigerator is the basic necessity of every household. There is no longer ‘matkas’ or any other thing for refrigeration. You can easily find refrigerator in both urban and rural areas.

So, there is no other alternative of a refrigerator if in a case you don’t have one. This is the article for the people who are keen to know about BEE rating and it will disclosed all the information about BEE ratings below.

The best refrigerator in India under 30000 is really a tough job as there are lots of other points which you have to keep in mind when you are buying a new refrigerator. But lots of people initially get confused over the BEE star ratings. They want to know not about the term but the whole concept as well.

Then, keep reading this article we have done our best to explain each and everything about BEE Energy saving rating.

Refrigerator Electricity Consumption-

What does BEE Means?

BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This is a government-regulated and authorized agency that gives the star rating on the basis of its electricity consumption and storage and volume. This government body was established in 2002 and comes under the ministry of power.

What is BEE Energy Star Ratings in Refrigerators?

BEE energy star rating is a grading system in which the BEE give ratings to the refrigerators ranging from 1 star-5 stars. Where 1 is minimum and 5 is maximum.

If you are researching about refrigerator you must know that higher rated refrigerator means more energy efficiency in longer run but you have to pay more initially as well. But, if you choose low BEE star rated refrigerator then it will surely cost less in comparison of high star rated in the market.

Which BEE Star Rating is Good for You?

So, you might be thinking which one should you buy. In this case you have to evaluate how often you use the refrigerator whole day. If you use 24/7, then you must go with high rated BEE star rating because it will save electricity bill in the upcoming few years although you have to pay more first.

But if you do not use refrigerator whole day then you might consider to buy low star ratings as well. This will save you money as you do not need refrigerator that regularly and there is no need to pay more if you are not going to use on very extensively for the long period of time.

What is the Latest BEE Ratings and How Much Electricity They will Consume?

The latest label period of the BEE ratings is 1st Jan 2020-31 December 2023. Hence after this year you will see the new energy-saving standards as well. Below we will tell you about every BEE ratings and what is their electricity consumption annually. Before reading below please note that this is not the exact units it may vary on the different refrigerator as well.

1 Star Rating

According to the latest standard, a single door refrigerator will consume 250-260 units per year and a double door refrigerator will consume 300 Units approximately (as per Jan 2022-Dec 2023). This is the least rating by BEE and it is also not saved very much electricity but will not change the refrigerator price a lot as well.

2 Star Rating

Usually, a 2-star rating is considered a minimum if you are going to buy a new refrigerator. Single Door refrigerator will consume 210 units and double door refrigerator can consume 240-250 Units in a year approximately. This means that it is 20-25% more efficient compared to the 1-star rating.

3 Star Rating

3 Star rated refrigerator will consume 170 Units on a Single Door and 200 Units on a double door refrigerator per annum approx. This means that 15-20 % more energy-saving if you are comparing it with a 2-star refrigerator.

4 Star Rating

In this rating single door refrigerator will consume 135 Units and a double door refrigerator will consume 170 units annually approx. So, that’s another 15-20 % saving on three star. There are not many double doors refrigerator models available in the market with this rating.

5 Star Rating

Currently, there is only a single door refrigerator in the market which consumes only 100 Units in a year which is very less. You can go for 5 stars rated refrigerator if you are looking for only single door refrigerators because you might not find many alternatives in the double door category.


You can go for any star-rated refrigerator that suits your need and good for your pocket as well. Some refrigerator energy-saving tips will benefit you. If you are looking for a single-door refrigerator and you can spend initially more then you can go for 5-star refrigerators without any doubt. On another side, if you are looking for a double door refrigerator then you can go for 3-4 star as you can find many feasible refrigerators in this list.

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