Popular Myths About Water Purifier that Are Wrong

There are many myths that people have when it comes to water purifiers. These myths are very popular worldwide and most of the people think that water purifier is not a good healthy option.

But they do not know that they all are wrong. We have mentioned all the popular myths of water purifier that are not true in this article.

Because of increase in water pollution we cannot rely on tap water or any other direct source of water for drinking. Water is the root problem for jaundice, chloera, anemia and lot of other diseases.

So, if you have clean and fresh drinking water. Then, there is a chance that you might not have any of the diseases in your whole life.

That is why water purifiers are so crucial for human health as well. Below we have mentioned every other myth about water purifiers that are not true.

MythThe water purifier also remove minerals infiltration process

This is really false news about water purifiers in the market. But this was true in previous generation water purifier that they use to remove the minerals. Nowadays the water purifier filter size is 20 micrometers and usually minerals sizes from 15-18 micrometers.

Because of this minerals can easily pass through the filter and do not get destroyed inside a water purifier. Hence this myth was correct in the past but it is totally false for the current generation water purifier.

Myth- Water purifier waste a lot of water

Generally, if your have very high TDS level in the water then you may have a complaint about the water wastage of water purifier. In the high TDS level water purifier has to work a lot and it will waste water with very high TDS level only. So, you can reuse the water in your daily activities except drinking.

Because high TDS water is not suitable for your health but you can do all other things like washing clothes , cleaning home and watering plants etc.

If this is a really big concern for you then you can start collecting the water in a big tank and save it for future use in other activities.

Myth- Water purifier is expensive to maintain

It totally depends on the brand and the product you are buying. It also depends on several other factors as well. But, if you think that water purifier is expensive to maintain then you might be wrong.

Because generally all the water purifiers comes with 1 year warranty on electrical parts. You have to replace filters according to your need in a particular point in time.

That usually depends on how hard RO water purifier has to work to filter the water. If the water you are getting is not that dirty then the filters might last long then your expectations.

But if you compare with the boiling water cost or any other traditional method of purifying. Then also a water purifier is not that costly and it is inexpensive option for you.

Myth- Purified water is not healthy

You do not have to worry about health if you have a water purifier in your home. Because many people buy the water purifier only because of the health. It improves your health if you compare it with any other water.

Water purifier has mineral cartridge which boost the minerals inside the water and make sure that you can have the essential minerals in your water as well.

Hence, no doubt that water purifier is healthy and safe for you and your family as well.

Myth- Water purifier’s water is more acidic

If you do not have water purifier you might think that water purifier’s water is more acidic. Then this is also wrong because the primary function of the water purifier is to maintain the water PH levels.

If you are buying an alkaline water purifier then you have to forget about the acidic PH level. Because these type of water purifier is generally known to increase the PH levels and make the water more alkaline.

In other water purifiers you will find the water PH level is generally close to 7 which is neutral and safe to consume. This scale is considered the best for drinking perspective.

Myth- Purification needs more time

This is also a very wrong misconception people have in their mind when they think about a water purifier. If you do not have water purifier then you might be boiling the water for purification or maybe doing nothing.

But if you compare the purification of boiling with a water purifier. Then water purifier is more faster and efficient source to get a clean drinking water.

Because if you prefer to boil then you need to have gas stove, induction or microwave. If you have a family of 4-5 members then you may require bigger utensils to boil and maybe you have to do the process for several times.

To eliminate all that hassle water purifiers are best and you do not have to think again and again as you have to buy a water purifier if the drinking water quality is bad in your area.

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