7 Best Coffee Machines In India 2021

Best coffee machine

Coffee or Tea is one of the important things in our daily life. We need coffee early in the morning, after a meal, evening and if you are working late at night, then nothing is better than a delicious coffee. If you do not want to make coffee every time and want to make your … Read more

10 Best Smart TV In India In 2021

best smart tv

Online movie streaming platforms is the future of television and their subscribers are growing significantly every year. We all want to watch our favorite shows whenever we want which you can not use in DTH boxes. So, if you are looking to buy a TV this year then you should buy a smart tv than … Read more

5 Best Dishwashers In India 2021

dish washer

There is a very significant rise in demand for dishwashers over the past few years. It is not cheaper to get a maid for cleaning your utensils, vessels and kitchen plates because most of the labour forces went back to their villages, towns and cities after the pandemic. And one person can not do all … Read more

10 Best Window Ac In India 2021

Best Window Ac in India

We all need an air conditioner in summers and in hot regions. Window Ac can be the best air conditioner for your home if you are looking for a budget-friendly and more durable air-conditioner. Nowadays, AC has become a necessity and it is not a luxury in 2021 because of global warming and daily rising … Read more

10 Best Air Purifiers In India 2021

Nowadays pollution is the major problem for everyone and it is increasing day by day , year by year. It will not vanish in few years as per now. Air pollution is also causing serious health problems even if you are inside the house. That’s where you need Air Purifiers to control the air quality … Read more

Best LG Water Purifier in India

LG is a south korean mutlinational company that deals in the electronics, home appliances , kitchen appliances and mobile phones, etc. It is a already a known brand in India among consumers and many there are many households and families which only buy this company products. They also have a very good lineup of water … Read more

How to Clean RO Water Purifier Filters at Home

There is no option to drink clean and fresh water directly from the tap. Because there are lot of impurities present in the water and many people do not know the source of the water. Because municipal water is not available in many cities and town and people are depend on the ground water currently … Read more

Water Purifier Maintenance -Annual Maintenance Cost(AMU)

All the popular water purifier brands come with 1 Year company’s warranty at least. So, if you have bought the water purifier in a year and looking for after-market maintenance. Then, we advise you to reach out to the company’s service center contact number and call a technician from there. Why do Water purifiers need … Read more

10 Best Electric Rice Cooker In India 2022

Best Rice Cooker

We all have busy life, work pressure ,other things and in between cooking is just becoming a hectic in our daily life. then, here comes the appliances that benefit us financially and saving us a lot more time without a hard work in kitchen. That is the main reason why cooking appliance’s demand is significantly … Read more

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