How to Clean RO Water Purifier Filters at Home

There is no option to drink clean and fresh water directly from the tap. Because there are lot of impurities present in the water and many people do not know the source of the water. Because municipal water is not available in many cities and town and people are depend on the ground water currently … Read more

Water Purifier Maintenance -Annual Maintenance Cost(AMU)

All the popular water purifier brands come with 1 Year company’s warranty at least. So, if you have bought the water purifier in a year and looking for after-market maintenance. Then, we advise you to reach out to the company’s service center contact number and call a technician from there. Why do Water purifiers need … Read more

9 Best Food Processors In India

Best Food Processor in India

Most of the people who cook food in your kitchen use knives, manual grinder and dough kneading through hands which is not hygenic and all these process require a lot of hardwork and consumes more time. Do you want to escape this kitchen hassle and looking for a great alternative? Then, you have come to … Read more

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