Ideal PH Level of Drinking Water

Maybe, you do not know about how PH scale works and what is the PH level and why do you have to care about drinking the optimal PH level for you. But do not worry you can either read this whole article or you can watch out the video below which will help you to … Read more

How to Properly Clean a Washing Machine?

As you have to wash your clothes when they are dirty. You need to wash the washing machine regularly like once in a while as your washing machine keeps all the dirt or bacteria from clothes in every wash cycle. If you are avoiding cleaning for a very long time then it may smell bad … Read more

How To Clean A Microwave Oven

Microwave oven needs to be cleaned in every significant point of time. If you are not cleaning the microwave oven it can smell really bad and it is not also good for your food hygiene as well. Cleaning your microwave oven regularly will not only improve the hygiene but also increases the life-span of it. … Read more

How to Clean a Kitchen Chimney at Home

The chimney is one of the most important appliances of the kitchen these days. If you do not have it then you may know how difficult life is without having one. Especially in India, we cook with lots of spices and masala in our food which can lead to smoke and bad odor in your … Read more

What Size of A Water Heater/Geyser Do I Need?

We hope that you have visited our blog about the best water heaters in India. Size of the water heater matters as you there are different tank capacity and they met different individuals. You can not buy any size of the water heater as they also serve a different purpose and may not be fit … Read more

10 Best Water Purifiers In India 2021


We have divided the research to benefit all the consumers andour top four positions for budget water purifiers which cost under Rs.10,000/-. Secondly, the 4 positions are in mid-range water purifiers which does not cost you more than Rs.20,000/-. Lastly, the 2 positions are in for the top-of-the-line water purifiers which cost Rs.30,000/- or less. … Read more

The Top 5 Appliances Brands of 2021

top appliances brand

When we purchase appliances the brand name is one of the top priorities in our mind. Yes, price, features, and other things matter but a good brand has tons of benefits like product quality, after-sales support, installation (if required), warranty period and etc. Currently, there are many brands in the market and it is very … Read more

9 Refrigerator Energy Saving Tips

Refrigerator is an appliance that needs to be switched on 24×7. You need it daily to store food items for a longer period of time so that you can use them whenever you need it. This means that it will have direct impact on your electricity bill too. Many people say that old refrigerators are … Read more

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