Ideal PH Level of Drinking Water

Maybe, you do not know about how PH scale works and what is the PH level and why do you have to care about drinking the optimal PH level for you. But do not worry you can either read this whole article or you can watch out the video below which will help you to know about everything in detail.

What is PH a Scale?

PH scale is a way to measure the liquid’s nature. It might sound very typical but it is not. Every liquid which is present on the earth can be measurable with the PH scale. You must be thinking that what does the PH scale measure then we have to tell you that it measures if a liquid is acidic, alkaline, or neutral

How to measure and identify the PH level of water or any other liquid?

You need a PH paper and a basic knowledge of how all these things work. You have to take the liquid or water in a glass or a small container from which you have to dip the paper into the liquid for just couple of seconds and you will be amazed to see the color of the paper will change if the liquid is acidic or alkaline.

For scale, it can range from 0-14 where 0 red color is extreme acidic like hydrochloric acid or battery acid whereas 7 will color green and that is neutral like water or milk and 14 will color blue which is extremely alkaline like liquid cleaner, bleaches & etc.

What is the ideal PH water level?

Earlier the ideal PH level of water was 7 that is neutral. This was considered the safe option for drinking but this water is pure and tasteless without any minerals.

If you add some minerals then it will surely alter the PH value. Thus, the PH value ranging from 6.5-8.5 is considered safe for drinking for regular usage.

Acidic Water

If your water’s ph level is below than 6.5 then you will notice that it has a bitter taste and acidic water contains the mineral’s impurities so we do not recommend this for more period of time and you have to check the PH level urgently.

Though if you have a good water purifier then you do not have to check the PH level thus it automatically removes the mineral impurities and give you the ideal PH water level.

Alkaline Water

Same as the acidic water like if your house water have more than 8.5 PH level then it is not healthy for you as well.

Because this water does not smell good and taste good. It also can damage the heating coils of water heater and your utensils will also not last long because of this.

Municipal corporation adds chlorine to make the water neutral in nature. If the water is more alkaline then they also have to add more chlorine which is not good for human health as well.

So, you can either use RO water purifier which will take care of the nature of the water with adequate TDS level but if the TDS level is good in your house then we recommend you to buy a water softener only.

Is Rainwater Safe to drink?

If you do rainwater harvesting or store rainwater in a tank then you are doing really good things which many people should do too. If you want a straight answer then a big no, you can not use rainwater for drinking directly.

Because of the air pollution and industrial pollution, rain water is not directly drinkable because it has a PH scale from 3-4.5 which is not ideal for drinking.

Though you can use it for other purposes like washing clothes, dusting, cleaning and for other daily activities.

IS PH level is the only factor of safe and clean water?

No, there are other factors that you have to consider for a clean and fresh water. You can not just rely on one factor like half knowledge is a worst knowledge.

You have to check the TDS water level , source of water like municipal water or hard water and PH level and lot of other things as well.

So, do not decide that if a PH scale of water is close to 7 then it is safe for consumption because it does not mean if they have any solid dissolved in them if the water has microorganisms or not.

Hence, you should not judge the water on the PH level only. Thus, PH level is also another very important factor because it tells the nature of the water.


The conclusion is that the ideal PH water level is 6.5-8.5. You can use the best water purifier to get the healthy and clean water for you. PH level is not the only factor you should consider for a safe drinking water. Hope you get all the necessary information about this topic.

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