What Is The Difference- Direct Cool or Frost Free Refrigerator

No doubt, refrigerators have now become a necessity in every home. Before even you consider buying one you should know that there are two types of refrigerators in the market currently. Direct cool or Frost free, you don’t know what are these and which one to buy. No worries, we are here to help you out with every appliance purchase we will tell you all about these two and we will also compare which one is better for you.

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Direct Cool Technology

This type of refrigerator generally has a single door and they are a kind of classic refrigerator which used to present in our home. Even they are still present in some of your homes. This type of refrigerator need manual defrosting and there is a button to do that. What you have to do is press the defrost button if you had set the temperature of the freezer very low.

Or this is like maintenance and you have to do the defrosting manually. The refrigeration occurs inside the refrigerator by circulating cool air and when this cool air contacts the surface it eventually freezes. But the air can not be distributed evenly That is how freezing occurs in the direct cool technology refrigerators.

Frost Free Technology

This technology is advance as compared to the direct cool technology. They do not require manual defrosting as there is a small element inside the refrigerator which melts the ice automatically. It does not need your action to do the defrosting and does not let ice to accumulate. They generally have more than one door and it makes that cooling is distributed evenly inside the refrigerator.

This technology uses electric fans for the cooling or freezing process inside the refrigerator. You can forget about the defrosting once you purchase this type of refrigerator for you.

Basic Difference Between Direct Cool or Frost Free

BasisDirect CoolFrost Free
CostIt costs less than frost-free.These type of refrigerators are expensive
Available InSingle Door ModelsDouble Door, Triple Door, or French Door
Electricity ConsumptionLess ConsumptionMore Consumption
DefrostingManual Defrost ButtonAutomatic Defrosting
Cooling Process Cooled By Convection InsideCooled By Electric Fans
Capacity50-250 ltrs250-600 ltrs
Suitable For2-3 PeopleLarger Families
AgeThis technology is becoming obsoleteThis technology is popular
Exterior TemperatureLowHigh

We have given all the information which is necessary for you to know about the two technologies and now you can compare the two and buy whichever suits you.

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