How to Clean RO Water Purifier Filters at Home

There is no option to drink clean and fresh water directly from the tap. Because there are lot of impurities present in the water and many people do not know the source of the water.

Because municipal water is not available in many cities and town and people are depend on the ground water currently in India. So, firstly if you know the source then it will help you in purchasing the required water purifier for you.

But if you do not know the direct water source then you have to first find out the TDS level of the water with PH scale. Both these things will help you to determine what is the nature of your home water.

Only then we recommend you to check the best water purifiers in the market. So, you will know which is the perfect one for you.

Why Do We Need to Clean Water Purifier Filters?

Buying a water purifier is a relatively easy task than maintaining a water purifier. If you really want to maintain the water purifier you have to check the TDS level of your water every week or month.

If TDS levels change very frequently then you can check this in a week and if the TDS is stable then you have to check this in a month. If you measure the TDS level and like it goes from 100 to 250.

Then in this case you have to either replace the filters or clean them according to your need. Because water purifier’s electrical parts last long but the major purifying is done by the filters. You can see the dirt present or stuck inside the filter and you have to clean this as soon as possible.

Cleaning Ro Filter at Home Complete Process

Below is the complete process to clean the RO Filters at the comfort of your home. You should follow all these steps to properly clean the water filter.

1.Shut off the water

You have to manually shut down the water supply to the water purifier. This might be a tap where your water purifier is getting water. So, shut off the water and make sure that water is not flowing inside the purifier.

2. Take out the filter out of the membrane

Mostly, you cannot clean the paper filters but you can clean the carbon or synthetic pleated filter. You have to take the carbon or synthetic filters our from the purifier by unscrewing if necessary.

3. Remove the plastic netting of the filters

Once you have the filter out. Most of the carbon filter has plastic netting around it. You have to remove the netting for this you can use box cutter to slice the netting from the top and bottom.

4. Clean the filter with water pressure

You have to clean the filter with the pipe and for that, you have to wash it off with the pipe while building water pressure. When the water flows hardly through the filters it will definitely clean some dirt out of the filter.

5. Soak the filter inside oxalic acid mixture

To make the mixture you have to take 60 grams of acid and one glass of water. You can take a big bowl or container for the mixture and soak the filter inside for 20 minutes at least.

6. Rinse the filter

To reduce the acid inside the filter you can add two table spoon of baking soda which will neutralize the filter and then you have to wash the filter with the water thoroughly and make sure you have washed it well.

7. Insert the filter inside the membrane

Screw the filter inside the membrane and you have to place the filter on the center of the membrane when you are inserting it again.

Different Type of Filters Present in RO Water Purifiers

There are different stages to purify the water inside the water purifier. You should know about the type of filters that can be cleaned as not all filters can be cleaned at home and you have to replace them.

Reverse Osmosis(RO)

This is a process which is responsible for reducing the TDS level in the water. It can eliminate the bacteria and viruses from the water as well. This is the main part of the water purifier as you need to special care when you are cleaning the water purifier.

Ultraviolet Lamp

Many RO water purifier comes with uv lamp which eleminate the harmful viruses and bacteria while maintaining the TDS level. You can leave this lamp as it is when you are doing cleaning.

Sediment Filters

You have to disassemble these filters from the purifier you can separately clean it with the help of scrub or cleaner. Or you can check the procedure as above and these are often replaceable once in a year.

Carbon Filter

This eliminates the carbon from the water and you can also clean this filter with the above method.


You have to clean the water purifier components frequently for smooth usage of the purifier. If you replace the filter then it can easily last 1-2 years depending upon your usage. If you want to clean the water purifier you can do it by using the method above we have mentioned. We have included everything related to the cleaning of water purifier filter and if you have any other question you can comment down below and we will revert you all.

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