10 Best Water Purifiers In India 2023

We have divided the research to benefit all the consumers and our top four positions for budget water purifiers which cost under Rs.10,000/-.

Secondly, the 4 positions are in mid-range water purifiers which does not cost you more than Rs.20,000/-. Lastly, the 2 positions are in for the top-of-the-line water purifiers which cost Rs.30,000/- or less.

These days impure water is causing a lot of diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, skin infections, and some other diseases as well.

As our country’s water bodies are one of the most polluted water bodies in the world. 70% of surface water is polluted in our country and the population is still growing day by day and we are soon to overcome china by becoming the most populated country in the world.

We have 1.3 billion citizens in our country and around 40 million liters of polluted water enter into all the water bodies.retaw eh hdwoadiaodjojiht retntnn en h tisen

We don’t have the clean & sufficient water we require today and the scarcity of the pure water growing every day. So, we need to adopt water purifiers as it has become an essential part of everyday living.

It will eliminate maximum impurities present in the water and makes your tap water pure and drinkable. Before purchasing the water below are things you should consider before buying a water purifier.

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Best Water Purifiers List

Product NameUser RatingBudget (₹)Check Price
1Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight 7 L4/5₹₹Click Here
2Livpure Glo 7 litres RO+UV+ Mineralizer water purifier, White3.8/5₹₹Click Here
3Pureit by HUL Classic G2 Mineral 6 L RO + MF Water Purifier (White, Blue)3.4/5₹₹Click Here
4Blue Star Aristo 7 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier with Pre Filter (Black, Silver)3.7/5₹₹Click Here
5Kent – 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO4.1/5₹₹₹Click Here
6AO Smith Z8 10 L RO Water Purifier (Black)4.2/5₹₹₹Click Here
7Mi Smart (MRB13) 7 L RO + UV Water Purifier with App Connectivity and DIY Filter Replacement3.8/5₹₹₹Click Here
8LG Puricare WW140NP RO3.8/5₹₹Click Here
9Blue Star Stella series 8.17 L RO + UV Water Purifier (Black)3/5₹₹₹₹Click Here
10LG WW182EP 8 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier with Stainless Steel Tank4/5₹₹₹₹Click Here

Best Water Purifiers Under Rs-10,000

1. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight 7 L

Our number one preference in the budget segment and in 7 L capacity is this eureka Forbes aquaguard delight. This is an entry-level water purifier and the capacity is ideal for 3-4 family members.

This has various features and the Auto-shutoff mechanism is one of them. It can easily be used for the TDS up to 2000 PPM. The LED indicators will alert you whenever service is needed, the status of the purifier, and alert you all the errors and dysfunctions.


  • Smart Purifier-led Indicators
  • RO Membrane
  • Long Lasting Cartridge

Advantages (Pros)

  • It has Flexible Installation and it can be easily placed on a flat surface like a kitchen counter or you can hang it on the wall as well. So, it is a little easier to install the water purifier.
  • Multi-stage Purification(Ro+uv+mtds): A multi-stage purification gives a clean and pure water for you. It goes into the different stages of purification and purifies even the hard water. Thus, it gives you water that is suitable for drinking and healthy too.
  • Chemi Block is a filter that eliminates the bad odor and taste from the water. It cleans the water from impurities and reduces excess chlorine in it.

Limitations (Cons)

  • It takes two or three days for a new motor to work efficiently.


Tank Capacity7 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions30.8 x 21.7 x 41.2 cm
Filtration Rate15 L/ hour

2. Livpure Glo 7 litres RO+UV+ Mineralizer water purifier, White

In the second position, we have the livpure Glo 7 liters.

This purifier has 6 stage filtration process and it can easily provide good drinking water but you have to note that you have to test the TDS level of your home water and it should range between 30-100 TDS.

Only then it can perform well. This also has an all-white color which will suit your kitchen as well.


  • 6 Stage Filtration Process
  • Sediment Filter
  • Converts Impure Water up to 2000 ppm (TDS) 
  • Power, Purification & Full Tank Indicator

Advantages (Pros)

  • Pre-carbon Block Filter absorbs the bad smell, taste, and small impurities from the water. This also prevents water from extra chlorine and gives you healthier water to drink.
  • Antiscalant Cartridge increases the life of a water purifier and improves the purification process as well.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection will disinfect the water from its rays and kill any bacteria and other harmful elements from the water.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane eliminates strong and harmful chemicals, pesticides from the water and protects you from microbiological threats.

Limitations (Cons)

  • No Free service except the installation service. If, you want to service your water purifier then technician will demand the service charge from you. But if you want to install the water purifier then there is a free of cost installation service.


Tank Capacity7 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions29.5 x 26 x 50.5 cm
Filtration Rate12 L/hour

3. Pureit by HUL Classic G2 Mineral 6 L RO + MF Water Purifier  (White, Blue)

Pureit is by hindustan unilever limited and it cost more than other water level in the list. This has amazing 6 stage purification which provides safe and mineralised drinking water for you and your family.

It also has very low maintenance cost as the filter life of this purifier is about 6000 litres and ensure 1000 cycles minimum. So, if you are looking for very low maintenance water purifier with not very high cost.

Then, this will be perfect for you.


  • Filter Life of 6000 Litres
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • 6 Stage Purification
  • Auto-Shut Off

Advantages (Pros)

  • Advance Alert System will alert you 15 days before, in case of germ kit expires. So, you don’t need to manually check the filters every time.
  • Double Purity Lock ensures that no drop of water will be impure. Hence, every drop is clean, pure and fresh whenever you need it.
  • Mineral Cartridge adds calcium and magnesium to the water. High mineral water will improve your health and boost immunity.

Limitations (Cons)

  • According to the price storage capacity is low.


Tank Capacity6 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions43.5 x 19.9 x 29.7 cm
Filtration Rate20 L/hour

4. Blue Star Aristo 7 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier with Pre Filter  (Black, Silver)

Blue star aristo 7 L is on the 4th position in our list. It has a dark black color which will surely suit all the kitchen walls. This is one of the low pricing and better performance air purifier on the list. It also has purification led which will tell you when the purification process is live. The child lock function safeguards this water purifier and prevent any misfunction.


  • Triple-layered Protection
  • Child Lock Function
  • Purification-on Indicator

Advantages (Pros)

  • Aqua Taste Booster enhances the taste and maintains the water’s PH level. This is done by calcite media present inside the purifier.
  • UV Fail Alert notifies you whenever the UV dysfunction. If your UV lamps fail anytime this will automatically alert the user.
  • Large Capacity 10 Inch Filter enables the air purifier to work perfectly and give you more efficient results every time.

Limitations (Cons)

  • Low Filtration Rate.


Tank Capacity7 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions20.5 x 34.2 x 45 cm
Filtration Rate8 L/hour

Best Water Purifiers Under Rs-20,000

5. Kent – 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO

The Kent 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO is our top recommendation in a mid-range purifier segment. This is one of the top-rated and well-known company for water purifiers. It is certified and awarded water purifier in the market which makes it the best in a class purifier. This has a high filtration capacity which is 20 l/hr and sufficient for an average Indian family.


  • Multi-Stage Purification
  • Purifies Inlet Water from All Sources
  • 20 L/hr Filtration Capacity

Advantages (Pros)

  • Save Water Technology helps in reducing the water wastage as it has the computer-controlled system will let you save more water than other water purifiers.
  • Patented Mineral RO Technology retains all the beneficial and healthy minerals of the water and kill all the bacteria and other impurities.
  • This has PAN India Service Network enables installation in small towns and villages as well. So, the PAN India service network will give you good after-sale support all over India.

Limitations (Cons)

  • You should know where you will be mounting this purifier as it is very large in size.


Tank Capacity8 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions39.9 x 25.5 x 53.5 cm
Filtration Rate20L/hour

6. AO Smith Z8 10 L RO Water Purifier  (Black)

The AO smith z8 water purifier holds the 6th position in our list. This water purifier has 8 stage purification to clean the water from all aspects. It also has a hot and cold water dispenser, so you don’t need to refrigerate the bottles in your freezer.

So, you can enjoy hot and cold water every season. The design of this water purifier is also very similar to the water dispenser. If you want a hot and cold water purifier then this will surely suit you.


  • 8 Stage Purification
  • Night Assist
  • Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Advantages (Pros)

  • ART (Advance Recovery Technology) ensures minimal water wastage and you can save upto 9000 Litres of water annually if you have 4 family members. This technology makes this water purifier efficient with very less wastage.
  • Min-tech (Mineraliser Technology) adds minerals like calcium and magnesium to the water and make it healthier to drink. This also makes sure that PH levels will be maintained.
  • RO + SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology) is the ideal combination for killing all the bacterias and microorganisms in two stages. This ensures no small particles remain inside the clean water.

Limitations (Cons)

  • Filtration rate is slow as it dispense only 10L/hour.


Tank Capacity10 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions36.9 x 32.6 x 48.2 cm
Filtration Rate10 L/hour

7. Mi Smart (MRB13) 7 L RO + UV Water Purifier with App Connectivity and DIY Filter Replacement

Mi Smart 7 L water purifier has 7 th position in our list. This has a very long 12 months filter life which is more than sufficient and you can easily use your water purifier without changing the filters for a year.

If you need filter, you can easily order the filter from the online mi store. So, you don’t have to find the filters in the local markets. This has a simple and elegant white color and the overall design is also good.


  • 12 Months Filter Life
  • Advanced Penta Purification
  • Purchase Filter with One Click

Advantages (Pros)

  • This water purifier comes with In-tank UV Sterilisation which disinfects the water inside the tank and prevents you and your family with water-borne diseases.
  • Real-time TDS and Filter Life Monitoring in the smart app will indicate the current TDS level and filter life of a water purifier.
  • Smart App Connectivity makes this water purifier smart and you can connect this purifier with the wifi and enjoy all the smart features comfortably.

Limitations (Cons)

  • Low Tank Capacity at this price level.


Tank Capacity7 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions30 x 20.7 x 52.3 cm
Filtration Rate7.8 L/hour

Best Water Purifiers Above Rs.20000/-

8. LG Puricare WW140NP RO

The LG puricare is a 8 litre tank capacity water purifier. This water purifier has mineral booster which adds the necessary minerals to the water once the water is filltered, this water is good for you and healthier for your family as well.

The smart display indaces the power and when you have to change the water level inside the tank as well. It is a mid-range water purifier with lot of features and pros.

So, if you want a premium brand water purifier which last long. Then, this might be a good purchase for you.


  • 5 Stage RO Filtration System
  • Mineral Booster
  • Smart Display

Advantages (Pros)

  • The unique Digital Sterilization by the sterilization kit purifies the tank, faucet and water path. It does not use harmful chemicals to sterilize and make the water safe to drink.
  • Authentic Filters, all the filters come with this water purifier are 100% authentic and original. Thus, it delivers quality, durability and performance at the same time.
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank keeps the inside water fresh, secure and pure for a long time. It prevents bacterial growth inside the water tank as well.

Limitations (Cons)

  • The size of the water purifier is bigger than other purifier in the list.


Tank Capacity8 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions28.3 x 36.5 x 50.6 cm;
Filtration Rate10 L / hour

Best Water Purifiers Under Rs. 30,000

9. Blue Star Stella series 8.17 L RO + UV Water Purifier  (Black)

The blue star Stella water purifier is our top recommendation if the budget is not an issue for you. Thus, it has a 9th position on the list.

It has a lot of features and child lock feature is one of them. This also has a seperate hot water dispenser and with the help of this feature you can dispense whichever water you require at a particular point of time.


  • Child Lock Function
  • Double Layered Ro+uv Protection
  • Separate Hot Water Dispenser

Advantages (Pros)

  • This water purifier has Touch Sensors to easily control the different temperature selections. It will give you a premium feel whenever you use this purifier.
  • The electronic Dispensing Button is a replacement of a physical tap as this is easier to use and you can dispense water with a single touch.
  • Ultra-high TDS Removal upto 96% which ensures the clean drinking water even if the water has very high level of impurities.

Limitations (Cons)

  • After Sales service is not up to the mark.


Tank Capacity8.17 Litre
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions29 x 49.7 x 47.4 cm
Filtration Rate10 L/hour

10. LG WW182EP 8 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier with Stainless Steel Tank 

The LG WW182EP 8 L has the 10th position on our list. But this is also one of our top recommendations in a high range budget.

If you can spend more than Rs.25,000 with high maintenance costs. Then, this can suit you well. This has a glossy black color with a floral print on the front side of the purifier.

This will be going to look nice in your kitchen because the black color can match with any wall color.


  • RO + UV + UF
  • 8 litres Capacity
  • Filter Change Indicator

Advantages (Pros)

  • Massive 10 years stainless steel tank warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about the tank quality and it will surely last long as well.
  • 5 Stage RO Filtration System as this has outside pre-filter, sediment filter, Ro filter, Carbon filter, and mineral booster.
  • Flexible Installation makes this water purifier convenient to install as it can easily be mounted on the wall or you can place it above the counter as well.

Limitations (Cons)

  • Annual maintenance cost is higher compared to other water purifiers.


Tank Capacity8 L
Warranty1 Year,10 years on the tank
Dimensions29.5 x 36.5 x 50 cm
Filtration Rate15 L/hour

Things to Consider Before Buying Water Purifiers

  1. Water Wastage: Some water purifiers wastewater a lot and you should check it before buying one. As it takes more time and money.
  2. Storage Tank: This should be according to your family size and on average 7-8 L is sufficient for a family size of 3-4 members.
  3. Display: A good display that can show or indicate the filter status, water levels, and the current process is beneficial for any consumer.
  4. Area Size: You should consider this and should keep in mind that where you will place the purifier in your home and if the purifier will be fit in your desired location or not.
  5. Filtration: some purifiers have 4-5 and 7 stages but it should have these three filtrations i.e RO, UV, and mineral booster at least.

Types of Water Purifiers

There are different types of water purifiers because one type of purifier does not fit into all water conditions.

So, to find which water purifier you need according to your current water conditions you should check on what are the different types of water purifiers and their uses.

Now, let’s look at this in detail and find out the perfect water purifier for your home.

1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers

This type of water purifier has a reverse osmosis purification process. In its whole process, it uses a membrane which removes ions and bacteria, and large particles from the water and makes it cleaner and better for drinking. Yes, it definitely cleans the water and makes it drinkable but this water will not be healthy for our body. You do not know why?

Don’t worry, RO water purifiers filters all particles with minerals too. So, it gives you kind of a distilled water rather than pure and natural water. RO type water is not present in the nature and you can only get this water by RO water purifiers only.

If your house’s water has more than 500 TDS levels then we recommend you to go for an RO water purifier with TDS adjusters or an alkaline mineral cartridge. There are alkaline water purifiers if you want to drink alkaline water. TDS adjuster will adjust the level of water and improves the taste and make water more natural too.

2. UV Water Purifiers

Ultra Violet Rays water purifier works in a membrane and when the water flows inside the membrane it flows through the UV light and it can kill the microorganisms and bacteria present in the water.UV water purifiers with pre-filter and UF filter are not sufficient for you as they can filter up to 500 TDS level only.

Some of the UV water purifiers come with under sink capability which can be stored under the kitchen sink. These are called under-the-sink water purifiers.

If you have high TDS levels in your water then this will not effectively work for you because, in high TDS, small particles and bacteria can pass the UV membrane. Thus, alone it will not work perfectly in the high TDS level.

3. Gravity Water Purifiers

This water purifier needs gravity for the purification as you have to manually fill the water into the jar and water flows from the upside-down and goes through the purification process. It can eliminate the small particles but it can not eliminate the viruses and this is not suitable for bore water and chlorine, fluorine, and other salts present in the water.

But they have very less price and you can consider this type of purifier if you are not facing any problem with water quality and you need one for basic needs.

What is TDS?

TDS stands for the total dissolved solids in a liquid. This means that water from any sources like river, lakes , ground water, sea water have some dissolved solid inside it.

Water contains some metals, microorganisms , minerals inside it. These solids combined in a liquid form called TDS.

This type of solids can not be seen through the naked eye but you can measure it with a TDS meter. Before we move towards the TDS meter you should know why it is necessary.

As we have discussed above there are three types of water purifiers in the market and TDS plays a very important role in deciding which one you should buy.

Ground or Boring Water TDS

This includes water from tube wells, hand pump as well. Generally, if you are using groundwater then there is a high chance that the water has a higher TDS level.

This water has the most high level of total dissolved solids in it. If this is the case then you should use best RO water purifier.

The TDS levels start from 500ppm-5000ppm or more. We are telling you this on the basis of general conditions it may vary on other different conditions as well.

River or Lake Water TDS

This is a best source for drinking water. If your house is getting water from the river than there is no high TDS value but there must be other microorganisms which you need to remove for your health and safety.

For that UV water purifiers are the best one because they are good in maintaining the TDS level and they also remove other harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from the water.

And make water perfect for your daily consumption. But if you talk about Indian river water than it is very polluted and it is not either directly safe unless you are living in mountains.

So, we recommend you to check the water TDS level before you consider to buy a water purifier for yourself.

Municipal Water TDS

Most of the metropolitan cities you will find the municipal water TDS level is somwhere around 300-500. For this you have to install RO and UV water purifier.

Because as RO will reduce the TDS level and UV will fight the microorganisms inside the water. If you are living in a renter property and do not know the source of your water.

Then we recommend you to check the water TDS by a TDS meter as you will know that if the TDS is more than 500 than you have ground water.

Otherwise, it is either a municipal water or a river water. Most of the big cities are mostly dependent on municipal corporation water in India.

What Is A TDS Meter?

TDS meter is a device which is used to measure the TDS levels in a liquid. You can use this meter to know the exact TDS values of your house water.

The price of these meter are not very expensive and they are very affordable. You can easily find a good TDS meter within Rs. 500/-.

The detecting range of a TDS ranging from: 0-9990 ppm.

How to Measure TDS Level Using TDS Meter?

Below is a step by step guide to use a TDS meter to know the levels.

  1. Take a cup or a half glass of water .
  2. Switch on the meter and remove the protective cap.
  3. You have to place the meter inside the water and the digital display will be at upper direction.
  4. Keep the meter inside the the glass for 15-20 seconds.
  5. It will start displaying the TDS levels.
  6. Once the TDS level is stable you have to press the hold button.
  7. Then you can take the meter out and see the reading.


What is the average life of a water purifier?

It depends on your usage but ideally a RO membrane usually lasts for 1-2 years. UV chamber have the same life span as a RO membrane but you have to change the sediment filters or other filter once a year minimum. This will increase the overall durability of the product.

Is TDS below 50 is good for health?

No, if the TDS is below 50 this means that it does not contain essential minerals in the water. Thus, your body will not get the minerals and we do not recommend this water purifier for you. The ideal TDS should be 50-200 that is safe for drinking.

What is the annual maintenance cost (AMC) of a water purifier?

The annual maintenance cost of a water purifier depends on the brand and the variant of a water purifier. But it can go from 2500-5000 Rs annually. This is not fixed but if you are looking for detailed information then you should check our AMC post.

Which type of the water purifier is best for me?

It totally depends on the source of water and the TDS value of it. If you have water with 500 or more TDS levels than you can go for RO+UV water purifier but if you have lower levels. Then you can consider to buy a UV water purifier instead.

How long can I store water in any water purifier?

You can easily store water for 1-2 days but we recommend do not store water in a water purifier more than 2 days. If you do not use the water purifier a lot then buy a smaller storage capacity water purifier but you make sure that you are not storing it for many days.


Water purifiers are mostly necessity now but if you are purchasing the water purifier for the first time then our post will help you to know enough about the water purifier so that you can make your buying decision easily and effectively.

We have mentioned all the good water purifiers in our list and in a different budgets as well. So, you can take refrance of this list in any budget.

Thanks for reading! Happy Purchase

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