4 Best Under Sink Water Purifiers In India

Our country’s population is growing drastically these days and because of the growing population and less land available in the cities. Because of that, we cannot find big homes for ourselves.

Hence, nowadays kitchen size is not that big and we do not have enough space to store bigger appliances like refrigerators, water purifiers, and many other kitchen appliances in the kitchen itself.

So, if you want to utilize the kitchen space and looking for a new water purifier as well. Then, you can consider under sink water purifiers for yourself. This will solve your both problems at once. It can be easily fitted under the sink thus it requires less space.

All best water purifiers under this category has RO+UV/UF filtration technology. All these technologies are best for water purification. Where RO will control the TDS levels and UV or UF prevent the water from bacteria and microorganisms.

You have to consider that most of the under sink water purifiers come with a faucet (tap) inside the box so check the box before buying it from a technician or aftermarket.

Best Under Sink Water Purifiers

1. A.O.Smith Z2+ Under The CounterA.O.Smith Z2+ Under The Counter

This water purifier is by the A.O Smith brand. They are doing really great in the market all thanks to their product quality and after-sales support internationally.

If you are looking for quality under sink water purifier then this water purifier is currently the best in the market. The design is minimal and it also has features like digital display, a good faucet (tap), etc.


  • Digital Display
  • Mineraliser Technology
  • Advance Alert System
  • 15L/hr Speed

Advantages (Pros)

  • 6 Stage Purification which is pre-filter, sediment filter, pre carbon filter, RO membrane, and silver activated RO post-carbon with MIN tech.
  • Side Stream RO Membrane is patented which helps in water recovery and controls the water wastage by the RO process.

Limitations (Cons)

  • Less tank capacity can be a problem for heavy users.


Tank Capacity5 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions41 x 27 x 42 cm

2. KENT Excell+ 7-litres Under the counter

The second position holder in the best under sink water purifier is the kent excell + model. This model has a separate tank than a RO and UV membrane.

There is a pipe that will connect the storage to the purifier and it will automatically purify the water and store it in the tank. This water purifier is good enough for a family size of 2-3 members.


  • Patented TDS Controlled System
  • 7 Liters Storage
  • Auto Start and OFF
  • 15 L/hr Speed

Advantages (Pros)

  • RO+UV with TDS Controller which eliminates the bad elements from the water and make it clean and safer to drink.
  • Filter & UV Change Alarm is a lifesaver as it will alert you if any filter change is required or you need to replace the UV.

Limitations (Cons)

  • The annual maintenance cost of the product is expensive in long term.


Tank Capacity7 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions39 x 20 x 52 cm

3. A.O.Smith X5+ 

This A.O Smith water purifier also have seperate water purifier and a storage tank. The build and design is like an old water purifier but the color of the purifier is classic white which looks really good.

But if you are looking to use this water purifier under the sink then you might not have to worry about the looks as it will get hidden under the shelf.


  • Stylish Faucet (Tap)
  • 6S Technology
  • Certified RO Membrane

Advantages (Pros)

  • MIN-Tech is a technology introduced by the company which adds the necessary minerals in the water and make the water healthier to drink.
  • This Can Be Used up to 2000 TDS levels. Generally, the TDS level of municipal water or groundwater does not go higher than 1000 TDS. Hence, it is sufficient for all water type.

Limitations (Cons)

  • Replacement parts could be tough to find in small towns and cities.


Tank Capacity7.5 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions20.5 x 36.5 x 46 cm

4. Kent Sterling Plus

This water purifier have storage and purifier inside the same container. So it has very minimalastic design with amazing features.

It has the capacity to purify 100 liters of water in a day. This might not be for you if you consume more than this capacity. Then you can check other RO+UV water purifiers in the market.


  • 100L/Day Purifying Capacity
  • Purify Water from All Sources
  • Mineral RO Technology
  • Sleek & Compact Design

Advantages (Pros)

  • Double Purification of RO +UV with TDS controller to get away with rust, harmful chemicals, bacteria, and viruses and makes the water safer to drink.
  • This water purifier will help you to Purify Water from All Sources. So if you are using municipal corporation water or boring water it is capable of purifying water in any case.

Limitations (Cons)

  • It is definitely not recommended if you have 4 or more members in a family.


Tank Capacity6 L
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions44.5 x 24.5 x 42 cm

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