7 Best Steam Irons In India 2023

Steam iron is needed every day for ironing our clothes. Once , the washing and drying is done. The next necessary thing to do is ironing as it makes all your clothes wrinkle free and ready-to-wear.

If you don’t have the iron in your home yet. Then you must be ironing your clothes from outside as it will cost you money and if not then it is difficult to find new “press wala” near your home. So, why not consider buying a new iron that eliminates this hustle.

Hence, we are here to help you and guide you on which will be the best steam irons in India you can look for. This blog will provide you with the 7 best steam iron in India list and guide you to choose the best one.

List of the Best Steam Irons

Product NameUser RatingBudget (₹)Check Price
1Inalsa Orbit 1200-Watt Non-Stick Coating Steam Iron (White/Light Green)4.8/5₹1000Click Here
2Maharaja Whiteline Pristine SI-103 1300-Watt Steam Iron4.2/5₹1000Click Here
3Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray4.6/5₹1599Click Here
4Black+Decker Steam Iron Press 2000Watt 4.4/5₹2999Click Here
5Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron4.1/5₹2100Click Here
6Black & Decker BXIR2201IN 2200 W Steam Iron4.2/5₹3300Click Here
7Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC2145/204.3/5₹2899Click Here

Best Steam Iron Under Rs.1,000/-

1. Inalsa Orbit 1200-Watt Non-Stick Coating Steam Iron (White/Light Green)

This is the Inalsa Orbit 1200-Watt Iron is at the first position in our 7 best steam iron in India list. It is a 1200 watts steam iron with 250 ml water tank capacity and self-cleaning function. This also has 2 years long warranty period, which is great in this budget. If you are considering to buy an entry-level steam iron with decent features. Then, you can easily consider this steam iron among others.


  • Self Cleaning
  • 250 ml water tank
  • Non-stick Coated Sole Plate
  • 1200 Watts

Advantages (Pros)

  • Rapid Even-Heat Technology enables to blast away all the wrinkles in very less time. It gives better performance and results every time.
  • Precision Tip will give you the proper control of the steam iron. So, you can have perfect ironed clothes whenever you want.
  • Variable Temperature Control allows you to change the temperature as per the requirement by you. Thick winter clothes, blankets need higher temperatures, whereas the T-shirts, sarees need very low temperature for perfect ironing.

Limitations (Cons)

  • After sales service is not good.


Power Consumption1200 Watts
Dimensions26.4 x 11 x 13 cm
Warranty2 years

2. Maharaja Whiteline Pristine SI-103 1300-Watt Steam Iron

This maharaja whiteline steam iron has 1300 watt heating element with 160 ml of tank capacity. This will give you more power and fasten the ironing to your clothes with high steam tank capacity. The price of this steam iron is also very economical and you can surely check this product if you really have low budget and want a steam iron. Then, this is a right fit for you.


  • 160ml Tank Capacity
  • Perfect For Stubborn Creases
  • Powerful 1300-Watt

Advantages (Pros)

  • 0-12 g/min High Steam Rate increases the efficiency of the steam iron and it boosts the steam rate, which will not let wrinkles on very thick clothes as well.
  • Self Clean Function prevents loose minerals from getting inside the tank and increase the life span of the steam iron.
  • PTFE Soleplate is a nonstick soleplate that does not let your soft clothes stick to the soleplate. Thus, it keeps your clothes safe from burning.

Limitations (Cons)

  • If you fill the water tank to the top, then it can have a leakage problem.


Power Consumption1300 Watts
Dimensions27.5 x 15.2 x 11 cm
Warranty2 Years

Best Steam Iron Under Rs.2,000/-

3. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

The Philips GC1905 has a 1440 Watt of heating element. This is in the third position in our 7 best steam iron in India. It is a very popular steam iron with a mid-range price. This has easily gliding sole plates so you can do ironing comfortably. It has 2 years of warranty with a light blue and white color combination. This might be a right fit for you if you are looking for a heavy steam iron with a mid-range price.


  • Easy Gliding on all Fabrics
  • 1440 Watts
  • Faster Set-up and Storage

Advantages (Pros)

  • This has the Fast Emptying of the Water Tank because of the huge emptying hole. You can easily empty the water tank within seconds.
  • Continuous Steam Output Up to 17 g/min enables adequate steaming output for you. This will give you continuous steam for many clothes.
  • Easily Removes Creases with the spray function inside this steam iron. It easily moistens the fabric and clean creases without any effort.

Limitations (Cons)

  • This is much heavier than other steam irons.


Power Consumption1440 Watts
Dimensions11.5 x 26.1 x 13.6 cm
Warranty2 Years

4. Black+Decker Steam Iron Press 2000 Watt

This steam iron has a 2000watt heating element. It has a detachable water tank which will help you in filling the water tank and temperature and steam control will give you the full access of the steam iron to control and adjust it as you like. This is also a mid-range steam iron with many features.


  • Detachable 380ml Water Tank
  • Ceramic Soleplate
  • Variable Temperature and Steam Control

Advantages (Pros)

  • Anti-drip Function shut down the steam iron whenever it gets idle for a long time. This function prevents power wastage and any accidental damage.
  • Steam Burst and Spray Function smoothen the ironing process as it adds moisture to the clothes and give you comfortable ironing.
  • Anti-calc Function protects your clothes from limescale damage. This is a hard chalky deposit under the soleplate.

Limitations (Cons)

  • It is a bit pricey.


Power Consumption2000 Watts
Weight1.450 kgs
Dimensions16.8 x 13 x 32.4 cm 
Warranty2 Years

5. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richards super glide 2000 watts steam iron is on the 5th position in the list considering the price value, warranty and the features. This steam iron has a self-clean feature which will make it more convenient to use and improves the user experience as well. This has a three color combination of white, black and blue.


  • 2000 Watts Power
  • Ceramic Soleplate
  • Self Clean feature

Advantages (Pros)

  • Vertical Steam is a very different feature and allows you to steam the clothes when they are in the hanger. So, you don’t have to work harder to steam clothes.
  • Turbo Boost allows getting rid of the stubborn creases with the help of 150gm steam, which gets deeply into the fabric.
  • 46 Steam Holes are more than enough to provide the proper steaming you require to iron clothes. They provide a blend of steam and heat for better performance.

Limitations (Cons)

  • After -Sales service might be an issue for you.


Power Consumption2000 Watts
Weight1.4 Kgs
Dimensions35.8 x 17 x 12.9 cm
Warranty2 Years

Best Steam Iron Above Rs.2000/-

6. Black & Decker BXIR2201IN 2200 W Steam Iron

Black & decker steam iron is in the 6th position and the best option above Rs. 2000. This is a 2200 watt iron with variable temperature and steam control. This allows the user to set the temperature precisely and give control of steaming in your hand. If you are looking to buy a cordless steam iron under a budget of Rs.3000. Then, this is our the top most recommendation for you.


  • Anti-drip Function
  • Steam Burst and Sprey Function
  • Variable Temperature Control

Advantages (Pros)

  • Cordless Feature ensures easy movement and increases the mobility of this steam iron. So, you can easily carry even when you are travelling.
  • Higher Wattage leads to faster steaming and pressing. This will reduce the time in ironing and increases the processing speed. Hence it saves time.
  • Self-Clean Function prevents any limescale build-up which can harm the steam iron and overall increases the life span of this steam iron.

Limitations (Cons)

  • As it is a high end steam iron, this is much more expensive than other in this list.


Power Consumption2200 Watts
Weight1.8 Kgs
Dimensions32.8 x 14 x 17.8 cm 
Warranty2 Years

7. Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC2145/20 

The Philips easy speed GC2145/20steam iron is at the 7th position . This has an auto shut-off feature and you don’t have to worry if you ever forgot to power off the steam iron. So, it provides safety and security for you. Ceramic soleplate is one of the best plates because it does not damage your clothes from ironing at all. You should consider buying it if you have a good budget and looking for heavy duty, safe and performing steam iron for your home.


  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Vertical Steam Function
  • 2200W Power
  • Ceramic Soleplate
  • 270ml Water Tank

Advantages (Pros)

  • 120 g Steam Boost will easily remove the most stubborn creases and give you a steady performance in your daily clothes ironing.
  • Drip Stop Feature prevents the water from coming out of the steaming holes. So, you don’t have to struggle and give you ideal ironing at the same time.
  • 360 Degree Swivel Cord improves usability. Thus, it will not cause any trouble, no matters in which direction you move the steam iron.

Limitations (Cons)

  • The size of this steam iron is relatively bigger.


Power Consumption2200 Watts
Weight1.19 Kgs
Dimensions1.3 x 1.6x 30.5 cm 
Warranty2 years

Things To Consider Before Buying A Steam Iron In India

  1. Weight: You should check on the weight of the desired steam iron and it should not be heavy. A lighter steam iron is easier to use and will not panic you if you use steam iron for long duration.
  2. Power Consumption: The higher watt is recommended if you use steam iron a lot. Otherwise, 1000-1400 watts is ideal for normal usage.
  3. Water Tanks For Steaming: You should check, if the water tank is removeable and water tank capacity for steaming.
  4. Warranty: A warranty period should be more than 1 year. The higher warranty period is always recommended whenever you buy the product.

Best Steam Irons Brands In India

Today, competition is rising in every industry. We choose brands that are reliable, deliver good quality products, great after-sales support, and nice user experience. Above is the list of best steam iron in India and all the brands mentioned above are good and you can go with any brand with them. But below we have mentioned all the best Steam Irons brands.


This is a Dutch multinational company which provides a wide range of products in electronics. It was founded in 1891 and this is one of the oldest brands in the market. The headquarters of this company is in Eindhoven, Netherlands. You can easily find Phillips product in most of the Indian houses and customers are well aware of this brand in India.

Black + Decker

Black And Decker is one of the premium brands in the electronics industry. But in India, people are not very familiar with this brand but internationally this is one of the well-known brands for its quality and people love this brand. Yes, they have expensive products but they are good too.


Inalsa is also one of the biggest competitor with Philips, Black + Decker. Inalsa products usually has less cost and the quality they give with their products is phenomenal. There electronics product categories are food processing,breakfast appliances,cooking, home & utility , heating and personal care. Their products is available both online and offline and you can buy from wherever you want.

Different Types of Irons

You need to analyse which type of iron you should buy. Although, they have the same function and usage to eliminate wrinkles from your clothes. There are three types of iron present in the market and we will help you to know what type you should buy according to your needs. Below, we have tried to explain the types.

1. Dry Iron

This type of iron is cheaper than any other iron and comes with old technology. You can buy dry iron only when you have a limited budget. It comes only with a thermostat which can also eliminate wrinkles but it takes time when you compare this with steam irons. Dry irons work great on heavy fabrics like jeans and slacks but when you use a steam iron on the fabric it makes it rough. Although, the fabric is properly ironed.

2. Steam Iron

As per it’s name steam iron uses steam to iron clothes. Firstly, user has to pour the distilled water in the tank and this iron dispense steam from the wholes and when the steam touches the fabric it eliminates the wrinkly smoothly and faster. This iron type is highly recommended and they are the best you can buy currently. You can also use it as dry iron if you do not pour water into the tank it will work as a dry iron too.

3. Portable Iron

This iron is mainly for travelers or the people who stay out of their home a lot. So, you can use this steam iron anywhere and this is very portable and can be easily adjusted in your luggage. They are a little more expensive than other irons but they worth the money if they solve your purpose.


Should I use steam when ironing?

You should use steam for fabrics that are too dry, you can use the steam burst feature to remove the wrinkle instantly.

What is the best wattage for a steam iron?

1500 wattage is the least we recommend some other irons have 1600 watt but more wattage does not guarantee that a steam iron will perform good. There are other factors for a really good steam iron.

Can I use steam iron as a dry iron?

Yes, you can use it . What you have to do is that you should not pour water in the tank of your steam iron and then it will work perfectly as a dry iron.

Which coating is best for iron?

There are many coating available with iron in the market like iron, ceramic, non-stick and anodized aluminium. They all have a different purpose but for regular ironing iron and the ceramic coating is the best.


We have analysed all steam irons and now we come to a conclusion about the best steam iron in India list. Our list will help you to solve all your problems. Every product is not good for one, so according to your usage and need you to need to check things to consider before buying steam iron in India. You can check our list for Best Steam Iron Under 1000 Rs, Best Steam Iron Under 2000 Rs, Best Steam Iron above 2000Rs. You can check out each list according to your budget and choose the product within the product range. Hope you all liked this article and we will update the latest information if any new product comes up. Thanks for reading this article. Bye, see you in reading our other article too.

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