5 Best Electric Rice Cooker In India 2023

We all have busy life, work pressure, and other things, and in between cooking is just becoming hectic in our daily life. then, here comes the appliances that benefit us financially and save us a lot more time without hard work in the kitchen. That is the main reason why cooking appliance demand is significantly growing day by day and is expected to grow even more in upcoming years.

Traditionally, We use a gas pressure cooker in cooking daily delicious food at home. But this consumes more time and needs your attention if the food is properly cooked or not. You have to remember how many whistles your food needs and by chance if you forgot. Then, your whole food, time, and hard work can be a waste.

To prevent that you can use an electric rice cooker which will solve all your daily problems with no gas usage. They are more environmentally friendly and run only on electricity which is also much safer than gas cookers. It saves time, money, and pain for you. This can make your kitchen life better and easy. So, you can have a little chill in your life.

Best Electric Rice Cookers In India

1. Prestige Delight PRWO 1.5 (1.5L OPEN TYPE) Electric Rice Cooker

Prestige is one of the most demanding brands in the market right now. Their kitchen appliances range is popular among Indian consumers and they have managed the popularity for several years. This prestige electric rice cooker has a white color with a beautiful floral pink design at the sides. It has a 1.5 L total capacity and a raw capacity of 1 L rice.


  • Additional Cooking Pans
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • 1 Kg Cooking Capacity

Advantages (Pros)

  • The Control Switch Lever helps in automatic cooking. This means whenever the food is cooked it automatically goes into the warm mode which keeps the cooked food warm as long as possible.
  • Double Gauge Body & Cool Touch Handles makes it a more durable and cool-touch handle to ease the operation of this electric rice cooker.
  • It comes with Close Fit Lid which is a stainless steel lid with a steam vent to allow the steam to escape. It is suitable for cooking and carrying.

Limitations (Cons)

  • Its dimensions can be an issue for you.


Capacity1.5 Litre
Wattage500 W
Warranty1 Year
Variants1.5 L, 1.8 L

2. Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker 1.8L

Pigeon is a very big brand in kitchen appliances. It is famous for gas cookers, pans, electric cookers, electric stoves, and other things related to daily kitchen use. This electric rice cooker comes in white color, a standard round design with a premium build qua; it and a steel grey lid.


  • Cook & Warm Indicators
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • Cool Touch Handle

Advantages (Pros)

  • It is suitable for 2- 3 people which is ideal for a family. This will make your cooking fast, and save more time in the kitchen with less personal interaction.
  • It can Automatically Shut Off after your cooking and increases safety with this feature. So, this has become a more secure functioning as well. Your food will be warm inside for 3-4 hours.
  • Aluminum Cooking Plate will evenly distribute the heat inside the electric rice cooker and you get efficient cooking with consuming less time.

Limitations (Cons)

  • No Detachable Power Cord.


Capacity1.8 L
Wattage400 W
Warranty2 Years

3. Panasonic SR-WA10 ge9 Automatic Electric Rice Cooker

Panasonic has products in home appliances, kitchen appliances, and other electronics products. This is a renowned brand in the market. This electric cooker has a classic design and feels quite old and retro. It has a very nice burgundy color which is similar to the dark shade of red. The design of this electric rice cooker is very much similar to the other rice cooker in the market.


  • Anodized Cooking Pan
  • Automatic Cut Off
  • Compact Rice Cooker
  • 450 W Powerful motor

Advantages (Pros)

  • It is the smart electric rice cooker that Saves Power by automatically cutting the power supply once the cooking is completed.
  • This comes with a Cooking Plate which will ease the cooking process and make your cooking experience great.
  • At this Price Point, this product justifies the price due to its very well build quality and efficient cooking every time.

Limitations (Cons)

  • If you have 3 or more members in your family then, we recommend you to go with 2.7 L because 1.5L is very small and it is only for 2-3 persons.


Capacity2.7 Litre
Wattage450 W
Warranty2 Years
Variants1.5 Litres, 2.7 Litres

4. Bajaj Majesty New RCX 5 Electric Rice Cooker

Bajaj Electricals is the best electronics appliance, provider with good after-sales service. It is an Indian brand that is doing really well In the Indian market and as responsible citizens we try to buy Indian brands more than other foreign brands’ products. This has a plain white body with a silver lid and a bajaj logo on the front.


  • 550 Watts Motor
  • 1 Kg Raw Rice Capacity
  • Detachable Power Chord

Advantages (Pros)

  • Stainless Steel Lid keeps all the steam inside which results in a bowl of well-cooked rice. This is also made up of stainless steel which makes it corrosion or rust-free.
  • Cool Touch Handles are designed in such a way that they remain cool even when the cooker is warmed up. This improves safety and makes it more convenient to use.
  • It has Aluminium Cooking Bowl With Anodized Finish. The aluminum cooking bowl is ideal for cooking purposes and an anodized finish improves the durability at the same time.

Limitations (Cons)

  • It can take a long time for cooking rice


Capacity1.8 Litres,
Wattage550 Watts
Warranty2 Years

5. Panasonic SR-W18GH CMB Food Steamer Rice Cooker  4.4 L

This rice cooker is one of the highest-capacity cookers on our list. If you have a family of 4 or more then this is the rice cooker you are looking for. Though, it is a little more expensive than other lower-capacity models. This has a lime color which makes it an appealing and nice-looking electric rice cooker.


  • Automatic Cooking
  • Stainless Steel Lid
  • 4 hours Keep Warm function

Advantages (Pros)

  • It has a separate Idli Stand. So you can steam and cook idli whenever you want. And you don’t have to buy from outside.
  • This has a 2 Dish separator warming pan. So, you can cook two dishes simultaneously and your food will be ready quicker than ever.
  • This comes with a massive 5 years of warranty which is more than enough for your daily rough and tough usage.

Limitations (Cons)

  • It comes with a fixed cord.


Capacity4.4 L
Wattage660 W
Warranty5 Years Warranty
VariantsNo Other Varients


Electric Rice Cooker Buying Guide

  1. Size & Capacity: You should check on the size if it will be perfect in your kitchen or not. If you have more family members then you need a bigger capacity other than regular is sufficient for small families.
  2. Easy Clean Design: A good design has many more features, which will lead to cleaning it very smoothly and easily with an increased lifespan of the electric rice cooker.
  3. Warranty & After Sales Service: It is not a big concern initially but after some time it becomes a huge part of buying any product. Excellent After Sales Service & a good long warranty period can benefit you for future problems.
  4. Price: You should always check and compare the prices on a different e-commerce website and with a local retailer and buy it that gives you the best price.


How long does it take to cook 2 cups of rice in a rice cooker?

It depends on various things like what is the type of rice you are cooking, and which rice cooker you are using. But approximately the time for 2 cups of rice is 25-35 minutes. Some cookers can cook in 20 minutes while other cookers need 40 minutes. So, we cannot give the exact time.

Why are rice cookers dangerous?

Rice cookers are not too dangerous but it heats the water with the use of electricity. So, you need to be conscious about the place where your rice cooker is placed. You should keep this out of your children’s reach.

What can I cook with rice cookers?

You can cook oatmeal, boiled eggs, rice, boiled or steamed veggies, and a lot more. You can use it as a boiler or steamer in your kitchen.

What is the ideal warranty period for rice cookers?

There are different brands with different model types. The minimum warranty should not be less than 1 year and recommended warranty is at 2 years at least So you can buy a rice cooker accordingly


To conclude, we have analyzed all the rice cookers and we came to the conclusion that the Prestige rice cooker is one of the top rice cookers in the industry currently and they are highly recommended. Otherwise, we have given the top 5 best electric rice cookers in India in 2023 list you do not go with the prestige cooker. You can comment below if you have any doubts or problems while making a purchase. Thank You, we hope you will make a good purchase.

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