5 Best Dishwashers In India 2023

There is a very significant rise in demand for dishwashers over the past few years. It is not cheaper to get a maid for cleaning your utensils, vessels and kitchen plates because most of the labour forces went back to their villages, towns and cities after the pandemic.

And one person can not do all things while working, so to remove your tension and to solve your dishwashing problem here comes a dishwasher.

A dishwasher is a very smart and effective way of dishwashing. It consumes very little water compared to traditional dishwashing and it is cost-effective too.

But they are very fewer dishwashers available in the market and many of the Indian consumers are not aware of its pros and cons and what will be a smart buy for them.

So, here comes the 5 best dishwashers in India list which will guide you and help you in making a good dishwasher purchase. We have reviewed various products, researched over the Internet and in the market.

Then, we came to this conclusion which can guide you for the best dishwasher you can buy today.

Best Dishwasher in India List

Product NameUser RatingBudget (₹)Check Price
1Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher4.2/5₹₹Click Here
2Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher4.3/5₹₹₹₹Click Here
3Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DISHWASHER FFSD 8PR 14S, Silver)3.8/5₹₹₹₹Click Here
4Kaff DW-CENTRA 60 Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher3/5₹₹₹Click Here
5LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DFB424FW, White color)4.1/5₹₹₹₹Click Here

1. Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top DishwasherVoltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher

This dishwasher is very economical and it is one of the best-rated dishwashers in India. It changed the industry because before its launch dishwashers come with a very heavy price tag and normal Indian household could not afford it.

But this product is a game-changer as it is very less in price and provides decent features too. You can consider this dishwasher if you are on a budget and looking for a dishwasher that can make your daily life easy.


  • Normal Mode
  • Clean And Shine
  • Mini 30 Program
Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher
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Advantages (Pros)

  • Eco Mode is useful as it will save water and power used in the dishwasher and gives you the optimum performance by consuming fewer resources.
  • Intensive Mode helps to clean very hard utensils like Tawa, kadhai and other heavy utensils. If you wish to clean the big utensils. Then, this mode is very useful for you.
  • Glass Care will take care of the glass plates, cups and glasses. It will prevent it from cracking in the dishwashing process.
  • With the help of 2 Spray Levels, this dishwasher can wash utensils from all two rows. This gives you nice and clean utensils from both rows.

Limitations (Cons)

  • After-Sales support is not good by VOLTAS.


Warranty2 Years
Water Consumption7-12.5 Litres
Inbuilt HeaterYes
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2. Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

The Bosch 12 Place setting dishwasher has intensive kadhai mode which can clean kadhai, cooker and big utensils easily. So, you can focus on other important things daily.

Express sparkle clean and dry out utensils in less than an hour and it also prevents glass breakage while dishwashing. So, they are very much suitable for Indian families and the kitchen.


  • Intensive kadhai
  • Express Sparkle
  • Prevent Glass Breakage
Bosch SMS66GI01I Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher
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Advantages (Pros)

  • Aqua sensor automatically detects the stains in utensils and adjust the water usage accordingly. Hence, this sensor will clean the big stains with ease.
  • VarioSpeed ensures the dishes plates and utensils will dry up very fast. So, you don’t have to wait long to get your perfectly washed and dried utensils.
  • The half load can be used when you have fewer utensils to clean as it will consume less power and water in the whole process.

Limitations (Cons)

  • It weigh around 43 kilograms, so you can not move very frequently from one place to another.


Warranty2 Years
Water Consumption9 Litre
Inbuilt HeaterYes
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3. Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DISHWASHER FFSD 8PR 14S, Silver)

The Faber dishwasher has a very silent operation and it will not disturb you at all as 44 db is not too noisy. Its child lock feature improves the safety aspect of this dishwasher and you can buy this dishwasher even if you have children at your home.

Extra drying feature enables you to increase the temperature in the dish drying process and you can get perfectly dried dishes and utensils at the same time.


  • Silent Operation (44db)
  • Power Wash Degree
  • Extra Drying
  • Child Lock
  • Dual Zone Wash
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Advantages (Pros)

  • A+++ Energy Saving will not only save electricity when washing the utensils but also while drying out the dishes. So, you save electricity in all the processes.
  • Delay Start improves usability as it allows the user to start the dishwasher at a particular point in time. So, you can get clean dishes and utensils at the time of need.
  • Auto Wash automatically detects how much water is needed for washing the dishes. It adjusts the water levels accordingly in the machine.

Limitations (Cons)

  • This is a high range dishwasher and cost more money over other dishwashers.


Warranty1 Year
Water Consumption10-17 Litre
Inbuilt HeaterYes
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4. Kaff DW-CENTRA 60 Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Kaff is a very well known brand in the market and here come the Kaff DW centra 60 on the 4th position in our top 5 best dishwashers list.

This dishwasher has very impressive features like an intensive watch, eco mode, rapid wash. This also has a stainless steel colour which is attractive and match all your kitchen styles.


  • Intensive Wash
  • ECO mode
  • Rapid Wash
Kaff DW-CENTRA 60 Free Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher
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Advantages (Pros)

  • Automatic Detergent Dispenser enables this dishwasher to dispense the detergent according to the utensils and dishes present in the washer.
  • Safety Interlock Door Mechanism keeps the safety and it will not let utensils fall from inside the dishwasher and keeps everything safer.
  • Full 90 min Wash will intensively wash automatically and it will not let any stain remain in the utensils or dishes. Though 90 minutes is a lot of time this wash type is perfect for everyday dishwashing.

Limitations (Cons)

  • It has a noise level of 55 db which is not very good in this price point.


Warranty5 Years
Water Consumption8 Litre
Inbuilt HeaterYes
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5. LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DFB424FW, White color)

The LG 14 dishwasher is in the fifth position in our top 5 best dishwashers in India 2023 list. It has 14 place settings which give you more access and you can choose settings according to your usage.

The truesteam feature will steam the dishes and utensils after washing and dry it fast. Steaming will kill all the viruses and bacteria present in the utensils.


  • 14 Place Setting
  • Inverter Direct Drive
  • TrueSteam
 LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (DFB424FW, White color)
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Advantages (Pros)

  • SmartThinQ Technology gives you access to view all the data aver your phone like wash cycles, errors and you can get this within your ThinQ app.
  • EasyRack Plus is the best rack for your dishes as it can easily carry all the dishes, utensils inside it and this is one of the best racks in the dishwashers.
  • QuadWash is a 4-way spray system that cleans the utensils and dishes from 4 directions. hence you got utensils with no stains.

Limitations (Cons)

  • Not recommended for people who has very low budget.


Warranty2 Years
Water Consumption10 Litres
Inbuilt HeaterYes
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Dishwasher Buying Guide

Place Setting

This is a very important factor because it will help you to know about the ideal dishwasher capacity for you. There is a dishwasher that has a capacity from 8-12 place settings.

The ideal place setting in a dishwasher is 12 because in this storage you can wash big utensils like kadhai, frying pan and other utensils as well.

If you have big plates than normal plates then you must require more than 12 place settings for your family.

In-built Heater

This is one of the most important feature that you should consider while buying a new dishwasher because after the washing cycle you need a dry utensils.

So, you can easily use it once all the dishes are done in the dishwasher and you do not need to wipe all the dishes afterwards.

Types of Dishwasher

Free-Standing Dishwasher

Free-Standing Dishwasher

This dishwasher is highly portable and you can even move it from one place to another very easily. They do not need much space in your kitchen for its operation.

It is a good for the people who don’t own the house and live in the rented house. You just need an empty space in the kitchen anywhere.

You can install it wherever you need to then it can easily start functioning afterwards. This is the best type of dishwasher suitable for Indian customer and one of the most popular ones as well.

Counter-top Dishwasher

Counter-top Dishwasher

This is the same dishwasher as freestanding but the main difference is you have to place this dishwasher on the counter or table.

This dishwasher is for you if you have more space on the kitchen counter or table. So, you can easily place it on that without any hassle.

But if you do not have the desired space then you should consider freestanding dishwasher.

Built-in Dishwasher

dish washer

These dishwashers can be directly placed inside the counter and it looks more like a wooden counter from the outside and functions as a proper dishwasher from the inside.

You can easily find these type of dishwasher in fully furnished apartments or house made by builders. They are more costly than other dishwashers.

These are permanent dishwashers and you can not change the place according to your liking.


Which are the best dishwasher brands in India?

Kaff, Voltas and Bosch are the best brands that provide best dishwasher in many countries. Dishwashers are not very popular in India due to its hefty price. But it be very popular in upcoming years.

Can I wash Indian utensils like kadhai, pressure cooker and other heavy utensils?

Absolutely, you can wash most of all the utensils like kadhai, pressure cooker any other daily utensils which you need to wash daily.

How much water a dishwasher require?

It totally depends on the variant of a dishwasher but most of them can consume 8-15 liters of water in a washing cycle. Maximum water consumption per wash cycle is 20 liters.

Is it worth buying a dishwasher in India?

Yes, if you need it. If you do not want or have a servant who do your dishes or you do not have time to do it. Then it worth all the money it needs because this is a one time investment which will last for several years and save servant money for several years.


We have mentioned all the dishwashers that are best in their class and available currently in the market. There are not much dishwashers available in the market.

So, you should not have a problem choosing one but most of the Indian people do not know more about the dishwashers.

This blog will help you to know about the dishwashers and what are the things in dishwasher that you should consider while buying.

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