7 After-Sales Questions You Should Ask for Whenever You Buy A Water Purifier

There is no doubt that we need an RO water purifier for ourselves. But there are various things which you have to ask a company as a consumer. Because if you would ask all the necessary things in advance then you do not have to face any major issue after purchasing the product.

We will tell you about the 7 questions you should ask whenever you are going to buy a water purifier. Once you have selected the desirable water purifier you have to know about certain things as this will make things clear between you and the company and it increases the trust factor as well.

7 After-Sales Questions You Should Ask for Whenever You Buy A Water Purifier

You have to maintain the water purifier as well. There is a water purifier that has a very high annual maintenance cost but the cost of the purifier is less. So. whenever a person buys a water purifier he thinks that he got it for cheap but they do not know that it will cost you more in the long run.

To prevent that you can use these questions to improve the clarity between the salesperson and you. So below are the questions we recommend you to ask them and we have tried to cover all the essential and basic questions which will benefit you in the future.

Q1. What is the warranty period of a water purifier?

Most of the water purifier comes with minimum one year warranty. Some water purifiers comes with 2-3 years of warranty as well.

You have to ask about the warranty period along with what are the parts that are not covered in the warranty as well. Because some companies do not cover the warranty of filters and other specific hardware too.

Some companies also provide extended warranty and you can buy that also as per your convenience.

Q2. What is the procedure to get the water purifier’s spare parts?

In some companies, it is very difficult to get the original parts when you need to replace them. In other, you have to follow different procedures to get the desired parts as well. You should know how to get the spare parts from the company itself.

You can also ask if the spare parts are easily available in the local market or not and what will be the cost of the spare parts in the market.

Q3. How often water purifier needs to be serviced?

It particularly depends on the model and the brand of the water purifier as well. Some of the brands recommend you to service the water purifier once in 2-3 months. The aftersale person will clearly tell you the desired time of the service as per your water purifier model.

Once they tell you the desired time then it’s your responsibility to make sure that water purifier is serviced in that time frame. It will increase the life span of the water purifier.

Q4. What is the actual annual maintenance cost(AMU) of the water purifier?

For the water purifier annual maintenance cost(AMC). We have a dedicated article if you want detailed information about the topic you can visit it. In short, this also varies on companies and how expensive their parts are.
If you ask this at the time of purchase then you can evaluate the different brands in the market and what is their annual maintenance. So, you can take a decision accordingly.

Q5. What is the company contact details?

If you are buying a water purifier of a top brand like AO smith, kent , havells etc. Then you do not have to take it because you will easily find this out one the web.

But if you are purchasing a local Indian brand then you have to keep in mind that you do not buy the water purifier until they give the contact details of the company.

Because some sellers in the local market will give their own product rather than giving you branded products.

Q6. Is installation is free or what are the installation charges?

Installation matters because once you have purchased the water purifier you also have to install it in your kitchen as well. Many companies charge a hefty amount on installation whereas some companies give free installation service to customers according to the city or area you live in.

This is a very important question you can ask as a customer because many customers have reported a bad experience while installation.

Q7. If any other thing required for the installation?

This is the crucial part because whenever the technician will visit your home for the installation they will try to sell you extra filters or pump that you may not require while installation. Many customers reported this against the technicians.

Generally,your water purifier do comes with all necessary things and you do not need any other thing to install the water purifier.

Once you have made this clear with the sales person then you do not have to worry about anything.

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